The Vision

WHAT is the vision and the mission?

We have printed two books for the men and women serving their country: Battlefield Prayers and Peace on the Home Front. We also produced iPhone and Android apps with the same titles. We also have printed books to comfort critical ill and sick children. The Pentagon Chaplain’s office has given us permission to put the Pentagon Seal on the front of the Battlefield Prayers book. Since first written, over 50,000 books have been sent to:

The Pentagon Chaplain’s Office


• The Naval Chaplain’s Office

• West Point

• Fort Pendleton

• The Houston Chaplain’s Brigade.

• Afghanistan

• Beirut

• Kuwait

• England

• Japan

• Israel

A True Story: I received an email from a sergeant who wrote us from Afghanistan. His email said: “I’m convinced that book has saved my mortal soul and life. Our medic had one and we prayed before every mission… The medic was transferred from our assignment in Afghanistan. Will you please send me one?” He wanted to keep praying He asked if we would send him a copy of “Battlefield Prayers.” Needless to say, we sent him more than one book.

WHAT ELSE DO WE DO? We also produced books for critically ill and sick children. The books tell them that God loves them in rhyming adventures. On television one year, I saw a St. Jude commercial in which a little girl asked: “Does God hate me?” That is when I wrote and produced Christopher’s Adventures; Chris Visits the Hospital. In the book, Christopher goes to sleep and in a dream, an angel takes Christopher on a mission to a children’s hospital where they visit the children and tell them God loves them, loves them! We mailed those books to approximately 22 children’s hospitals’ chaplains nationwide. I was thrilled when Tim Tebow sent me a personal “thank you!”