Life to the World Ministries, Inc. is a Christian educational Nonprofit Organization for the military serving their countries worldwide, and for critically ill and sick kids.

Educational Military Outreach:

This 501c3 is a Christian educational organization.  It is for those serving their countries, and for the military men and women worldwide. The organization has provided Christian educational books which have been distributed in over 9 countries; also distributed by the Pentagon Chaplain’s Office, CENTCOM, at West Point, the Naval Chaplain School, and in many countries.

Regarding the book “Battlefield Prayers,” which has the Pentagon Seal on its front (with their permission) this happened: A fellow serving in Afghanistan sent us an email stating that the medic had a book and they prayed before every mission. The medic was transferred out. He said, “Please send me one. I am convinced it has saved our mortal souls and lives.” Peace on the Homefront: Peace for Veterans and more books are available online internationally. We have also produced APPS to help the men and women serving their country: Battlefield Prayers; Wounded Heroes; and Peace for Veterans. APPS: Battlefield Prayers; Peace for Veterans; Wounded Heroes; Prayer Workshop. Critically ill and sick kids have received books of love and comfort and a comfort app from this ministry as well!

Educational Christian Adventure Resources for Children:

  1. Christopher’s Adventures: The Rescue Mission is a book that takes Chris on a mission to save kids who are being used in trafficking!
  2. In A St. Jude’s hospital television commercial, a little girl asked “Does God hate me?” We then produced Christopher’s Adventures: Chris Visits the Hospital a book that tells critically ill and sick kids that GOD LOVES THEM. We mailed several boxes to Tim Tebow who graciously sent us a “thank you” card. The books have been dispatched to nationwide children’s hospitals and to resource organizations that help sick kids and their families. 
  3. Christopher’s Adventures: A Prayer on Angel Wings is in 12 countries, teaching children to pray scripturally through an adventure in rhyme. It is being used to teach children English in Rwanda [J.A.M. International]; 50 copies of the book have been sent to a new Christian school in South Africa; the book has also been provided to missionary organizations in Albania, Uganda, and Maputo, Mozambique. One Christmas, books were given as gifts to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital; Denver Children’s Hospital, Carrie Tingley, and UNM Children’s Hospital.
  4. Vision: to print these educational resources and other resources less expensively to give worldwide. Vision for the children to also have it in their language or be assured they will also learn to pray. A book for critically ill children that tells them, GOD, LOVES THEM. This dream happened a St. Jude’s Research Center aired a special in which one of their children looked at her mom and asked: “Does God hate me?” This is a needed resource for little ones suffering, and to provide other Christian spiritual and educational materials to children of the world.

International Missionary Organizations
As God provides, to come alongside other nonprofit relief ministries.