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A SALUTE now to Louis Zamperini, an American hero in both war and peace who died this past week at the age of 97. The suffering he endured during World War II was matched only by the remarkable forgiveness he later extended to his former tormentor:s.

HE said all nightmares and mental torture disappeared when he FORGAVE the Japanese for their torture.

Below is a list of Faith-based counseling services and military chaplains that provide for the spiritual needs of service members, veterans and their families:
  • CRU Military is a caring community passionate about connecting the global military community to Jesus Christ. This community is made up of individuals, churches, chaplains, and organizations.
  • Military Family Services: Army Chaplain Corps – Provides information about the role of Army chaplains in observing the distinctive doctrines of their faith, while honoring the right of others to observe their own faith. Rabbis, ministers, imams and priests all serve as Army chaplains.
  • Legal Help if suffering from asbestos-related diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, or mesothelioma.
  • Wounded Warrior Contacts
  • Jobs in the Security area is a direct pipeline to a wide range of jobs available within the defense and private security industry as well as unique corporate security job opportunities.
  • Other Jobs for Veterans
    Chaplain of the Coast Guard – Information on the Chaplain of the Coast Guard, including frequently asked questions, links to religious resources, and a list of locations.
  • Military Chaplains Association – The membership organization that connects those who have served in the military with a variety of religious faith groups and chaplaincies.
  • Military HOMEFRONT Emotional & Spiritual Support Information – Describes a variety of resources that serve the spiritual and emotional needs of military families of children with special needs.
  • Navy/Marine Corp RELIEF A site with information about RELIEF for Navy and Marines.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Hearing Health for Veterans which has super-helpful information and tips related to hearing health for veterans.
  • VA National Chaplain Center – Provides the names, locations and contact information for VA chaplains serving all denominations, as well as a master directory of chaplains.
  • White House Office of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives —Lists contact details for state government offices that provide information and technical support to local faith-based and community organizations that deliver services to residents in need.
  • NEED FREE ALCOHOL HELP? Alcohol Rehab Help is an informational web guide created for people struggling with alcohol use disorders (AUD) and co-occurring mental health disorders. Not only do we offer information on Alcohol Use Disorder, but we also have comprehensive information regarding treatment options.
  • REHAB CENTER This group has a wonderful and large set of resources to HELP you with substance abuse or addictions! Worth checking out.
  • 449 RECOVERY:  This recovery organization wants to make sure every veteran, and their family, has the resources to recover from addiction.
  • The Denver Recovery Center has resources to help veterans struggling with addiction and substance abuse.
  • VETERANS’ CRISIS Line: “Connects Veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring VA responders through a confidential, toll-free hotline and online chat” 1.800.273.8255 Press 1 or Text to: 838255 or visit
  • Mesothelioma Group: This is a charitable organization supporting VFW and the American Legion. Symptoms of mesothelioma cancer are easily mistaken for less serious illnesses, so early detection and awareness is crucial in improving survival rates. The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the extensive amount of asbestos used in past military equipment. Our organization provides free Veteran-specific resources and support for patients and their loved ones. Our goal at the Mesothelioma Group is to increase recognition, improving survival rates, and life expectancy.
  • Veterans with Mesothelioma
  • Addiction Guide
  • Addiction help
  • MOVING HELP? Relocation?
    Moving Help Guide provides resources and information to help with any type of a move, including a military move. We’ve put together information that can help military families through their relocation or PCS.